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Ideas and inspiration that manifest in my artwork mostly depend on how i feel in that particular moment, this leads to different styles and techniques. My vision is that i could one day create my personal magnum opus on a canvas or piece of wood and let the imagination take its lead. In this piece of art i want to combine as many material i already got used to like oil, acril, sifted and not sifted sand and many more. These to be authenticly arranged is the goal to my greatest art.

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Myself and my way of life

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Dragoslava Stanković - Dragica born on the 23rd of april 1950. Until her 18th birthday she lived in the village Glušci in Mačvi. Since early childhood she was very fascinated into art and started at young age to draw and paint. August 1971 she went to start a new life in Germany where she worked hard, but could also show herself as an artist. To develope as an artist she immediatly got into contact with other artists and tried to learn as much as possible. She visited galeries, mueseums and absorbed varios techniques. Her carrier peaked when she was invited to present her art on exhibitions throuhout europe, america and canada. She was granted with countless awards and certifications. Until end of 2016 she participated in the “Amsterdam Whitney Gallery” in New York, and summer 2017 aswell. 2019.14.10 her own exhibition in Novi Sad MZ. Gavrilo Pricip

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